libdmtx on Mac OS X

1. Installing libdmtx on Mac OS X

libdmtx can be installed on OS X using the General Instructions. However, please see below for additional details that might benefit users on this platform.

2. Universal Binaries

You can tweak configure's parameters to build an Universal Binary version of the library. Recommendations are provided at:

3. Dependencies

Mac OS X does not have pkg-config installed by default. Even though I specified -L and -I options for ImageMagick the compiler losses this info at some point and looks to pkg-config to find it. Once pkg-config was installed it compiled perfectly. After installing pkg-config you do not need to re-install ImageMagick.

The command line utilities dmtxread and dmtxwrite have a dependency on ImageMagick, which must be downloaded and built from its source distribution. After doing this, simply add the relevant "-L" and "-I" options to the CFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variables before running the ./configure script.

Compiling from Subversion requires a working autoconf/pkg-config setup:

  • autoconf, automake, libtool, and pkgconfig are required to generate the configure script. These packages are available from MacPorts.
  • You may run into issues if you mix the autotools packages in MacPorts with the ones installed from Xcode Tools. Make sure /opt/local/bin appears before /usr/bin in your $PATH.

4. Anything Else?

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5. This Document

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