libdmtx PHP Wrapper

IMPORTANT: A new set of PHP bindings for libdmtx named php-dmtx has been released by Mikko Koppanen. Mikko's bindings perform both encoding and decoding of Data Matrix barcodes, and the old PHP bindings bundled with libdmtx (libdmtx-php) will likely be deprecated soon. Please try out Mikko's package, available at:

1. libdmtx Installation

libdmtx must be installed on your system before installing and running libdmtx-php (See libdmtx General Instructions).

2. libdmtx-php Installation

The following commands will prepare, build, and install libdmtx-php on your system:

$ phpize
$ ./configure [--prefix install directory];
$ make install

3. Dependencies

These packages are required to install and run libdmtx-php:

If you are using an RPM-based system then you can test for the following packages:

  • php
  • php-cli
  • php-common
  • php-devel

Some systems may also require:

  • php-gd

4. Anything Else?

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5. This Document

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